Good Reads: August 2014

Book Recommendations for Your Keiki—from Preschool Through Eighth Grade, Plus a Little Something for Mom and Dad.


Time Out for Sophie

by Rosemary Wells

After Sophie “eats” dinner (it lands on the floor) and “helps” Dad fold laundry (which also ends up on the floor), it’s time for a time-out. She wants a story, but when Sophie grabs Granny’s glasses, guess who takes a time-out?



Splat and the Cool School Trip

by Rob Scotton

Splat the Cat can’t wait to go on the field trip to the zoo. The only animals he’s interested in are the penguins, that are black and white just like him. Find out what happens when his friend, Seymour the mouse, crashes the excursion!


First Grade

Mr. Wuffles!

by David Wiesner

Mr. Wuffles the cat ignores his toys, but is verrry interested in a tiny spaceship that suddenly appears. He tries to play with it, damages it, and the aliens seek repair help from an unusual place.


Third Grade

Just Jake

by Jake Marcionette

This book was actually written by a sixth grader! Jake and his family move from Florida to Maryland, and he has to start all over again in a new school. Just what are his “Rules of Awesomeness”, and what if his “Kid Cards” fall into the wrong hands?

Fifth Grade

Bones Never Lie: How Forensics Helps Solve History’s Mysteries

by Elizabeth MacLeod

How did King Tut really die? A fascinating look at forensic science in seven famous cases. You’ll learn about everything from autopsy to DNA, CT scans and more. While forensic science has advanced to the point of offering probable causes for these cases, the use of deductive reasoning shows its usefulness for many purposes.


Seventh Grade

Far Far Away

by Tom McNeal

This very different fairy tale takes place in the village of Never Better. Jeremy hears voices, then you’ll go on the journey to discover a delicious magic cake and a wild girl. Oh, and there’s also a ghost.


For Parents

Raising Girls: How to Help Your Daughter Grow Up Happy, Healthy and Strong

by Steve Biddulph

This book is a guidebook for parents to raising strong, adventurous daughters. Steve Biddulph’s tips include don’t be a friend, but rather, be a good role model; monitor your daughter’s use of media, friendships, and activities; and find a trusted female adult (“auntie”)as a mentor is a good idea, too.


These books and many others for all ages are available at your public library or you can place a request for titles. Some titles may be available in e-formats. You can borrow “all you can carry” for a three-week loan period with your public-library card.

Please check the Hawaii State Public Library System website for a list of library locations, hours and free, family-friendly programs at a library near you at