Good Boy

Stop barking up the wrong tree with those lame gift cards and IOUs. This year, surprise your grown-up boy on Boy’s Day with a pick-of-the-litter gift.

You know, the kind of stuff that will make him sit up and beg to see what you got him.
Lucky dog.

Lei ChicCassette Your Heart on It
Remember the mix tape days? Trying to decipher what he meant by all those Cure songs and Sarah McLaughlin ballads he put on his heartfelt mix? Relive the early days of your relationship by giving him a Sonic Fabric tie, made of old cassette tapes. Who cares if the technology is obsolete, he can still rock it out.

Lei Chic Short Order
His weekend uniform is board shorts and rubber slippers. Every. Single. Day. Before you take a scissor to his Hurleys, make him a personalized pair of board shorts from Shortomatic. Just download a photo and put it where you like on the shorts (it’s über user-friendly). You’ll also be able to include a message for him on the inner waistband so you’ll always know you’re always close to his, um, heart.

Lei ChicNoteworthy
Although you love hearing about all the annoying people at his work, your man is becoming borderline homicidal about Loud Phone Talker Guy. Help him express his anger in a socially-acceptable (albeit passive-aggressive) way with Unmentionable Cards from Shinebox. Lovingly printed with sentiments like “I’m having the “reply all” button removed from your email,” these cards are an easy deposit on any desk on the sly.

Lei Chic
Smokin' and Jokin'
It’ll be OK to let his gift go up in smoke, so long as it’s a stogie from Kaua‘i Cigar Company. Rolled from tobacco grown on the Garden Isle, the signature “Island Prince” comes in two flavors, dark and light, and are perfect for two moods, chill and chill-er. Kaua‘i Cigars at ABC Stores and Tamura’s Fine Wines in Kailua and Honolulu. Check for more locations.

Lei ChicMagic Slippah
Slippers: noun. Backless, rubber sandals held to the foot at the big toe by means of a thong. But they can be so much more. Reef’s got the guy-friendliest slippers eva: the Dram Flask Sandals that hide a compartment for booze, the Stash Sandals which can hold your credit card, ID and key (and even comes with an itty-bitty pen) and the one that started it all: the Fanning Sandal that comes with a bottle opener on the sole. Sounds like he needs a hat-trick.