Gone Today, Hair Tomorrow


Your friends waxed poetic. But your last brow treatment just left you a little tweezed off. Now, you're stuck with an ever surprised look that's making everyone at your meetings think you forgot to pencil them in.

Enter neuveauBrow. The new treatment by the makers of neuLash promises thicker, healthier brows in just about a month.

neuveauBrow consists of 13 ingredients which mainly moisturize and nourish the hair follicles, including nutrient-rich pumpkin seed extract, smoothing almond protein and natural anti-bacterial myrtle oil. The twice-a-day instructions work into your five-minute face routine. Use the mascara-like applicator to brush neveauBrow on your browline and where you want hair to grow. Wait two minutes then comb through.

A six-milliliter bottle is expected to last you 60 days, for regrowth and upkeep.

Meaning it could be just weeks until you're back to your own plucky self.

To read more about neuveauBrow click here .  neuveauBrow is sold at Neiman Marcus at 1450 Ala Moana Boulevard, 808.951.8887, for $100.     Note: Starting tomorrow, a purchase of $100 or more will score you a free tote filled with deluxe samples at Neiman's beauty event.