Gold Coast living

The famed “Gold Coast” area at the base of Diamond Head is a desirable place to live for its proximity to the beach, but people don’t realize the history behind it.

In 1903 when Honolulu Rapid and Transit & Land Co., Ltd. Replaced Honolulu Tramway’s mule-driven streetcars with electric ones, the line extended eastward to the Aquarium. The end of the line had developers create a suburb known as the Diamond Head Terrace Tract.

There are still some older homes in the area that reflect that bygone era, but the ones that stood at the 7,256 square foot lot at 3047 Kalakaua Ave. have since been demolished. When the new owners wanted to rebuild, they found the footprints were destroyed and they had the added challenge of modern-day building restrictions for the shoreline, so they created a stunning modern masterpiece instead.

At three years old, this is the newest home on the Gold Coast, with three master suites and three full baths so everyone who lives there can enjoy it with the same feeling of luxury.  Not only that, there’s a three-level elevator to make moving groceries, accessories, and people easier. The design is very contemporary without being too flashy, so you still feel like you’re in an island home, but it’s come a long way from being a spot near the mule-driven streetcars.

The open living area opens to a large grassy level yard along the oceanfront, and there are lanais and windows throughout so that you never forget what kind of view you have. It definitely gives you a sense of being indoors and outdoors at the same time.

Since it’s so close to the coastline — being one of only eight private homes with this distinction on Kalakaua Ave. — Homeworks built it with durability in mind to stand up to any storm surge. So unlike the homes that previously sat on this lot, it will be a long time before this one will need to be torn down.

Money talk: $8,900,000

Contact: Don Persons, Gold Coast Real Estate, Inc., 808-926-7525,