Going Batty

Lei Chic You’ve always longed to give your peepers some pop with a pair of full, lush faux-lashes. But your barely-existant beauty skills always seem to botch the job.

Like the time you tried to pump up the volume for a big date—only to make a loud splash when one side took a nosedive into your soup. Or when you tried to add some length with an ultra-va va voom pair that turned out less Sophia Loren and more Snuffleuppagus.

To help up your glam EYE-Q we asked lash expert Greg Howell, a cosmetologist at Paul Brown Salon and Day Spa with 35-plus years experience, for a few insider tips on buying and applying falsies. His helpful hints are sure to have your lashes looking fly in the blink of an eye. Buy
…a full lash set for everyday wear, as they’re the easiest to apply. Or, go for the small clusters which can be applied to the outer part of the eye for a more dramatic cat-eye look. But leave the most difficult version, the individual lashes, to the pros.

…as little or as much as you like. You can get a pair from M.A.C or Sephora for around $15, but the cheaper synthetic versions are fine as well. In fact, cheap lashes are often easier to use as they have a more flexible base than the higher-end versions. Howell suggests the Red Cherry brand, which you can snag for just 99 cents at Don Quijote.

…your real lashes before application to help them blend in with the false lashes, which usually come pre-curled. And apply your eye shadow beforehand as well, because otherwise the excess powder will coat the lashes and lessen the effect.

…off at least one-fifth of each side of the full lash version
at minimum. For the most natural effect, Howell suggests cutting one side of the full lash version in two. This will give you a half-sized set to be applied along the outer half of the lash line.

…a good quality lash glue, such as Duo. And always buy the clear-drying type, as black lash glue is difficult to remove if you make a mistake. Hold the tube upright in one hand and gently squeeze until a small bubble forms. Use square-tipped tweezers (Howell likes Tweezerman) to pick up the lashes and brush the base across the glue bubble. Then wave the lashes around for 20 seconds to allow the glue to get tacky.

…the longest part of the lashes with the outer corner of the eye. Apply the lashes, moving inward, using the tweezer to push them down on the eyelid. Use your fingers to apply light pressure along the eyelash base to ensure firm application.

…in gaps between the falsies and your natural eyelash base with a waterproof cream eye liner. You can even put a coat of mascara on the false lashes for an even more dazzling effect.

You can make a reservation for Greg Howell’s brow, make-up, and lash services at Paul Brown Salon & Day Spa, Ward Centers, 1200 Ala Moana Blvd., 808.591.1881. For more info, visit www.paulbrownhawaii.com.