Go For The Gold


New wars with no end in sight and new slogans like Drop Bush, Not Bombs and Go Solar Not Ballistic (just to name two) have some yearning for what now seems like a kinder, happier time. When tie-dye was in, bras were burned, outdoor concerts were free, and love was all around us.

That might be why Golden Child Jewelry, designed by Maui girl Andrea Alfelor, has focused their dreamy fall line on peace signs and love symbols.

Known for bold and funky adornments perfect for the party girl, www.leichic.comthis season’s styles are still breaking boundaries but have departed from bright colors and big statements to offer women a softer, earthier, more delicate but still sparkly look.

Leather rope bracelets, wire-wrapped peace sign necklaces, small charms like Om signs and horns, prayer bracelets with tiny Buddhas, leather paired with gold, vermeil with spirituality—each unforgettable piece still fits every hopeful mood and goes with swimsuits as well as they do with cocktail dresses. No wonder Golden Child is now sold in LA stores like Fred Segal and about to go global in Munich.

Looks like all over the world it’s the summer of love. www.leichic.com

So, Give Peace a Chance!

Golden Child is available at stores on O‘ahu, Maui and the Big Island, and will soon be for sale online or by phone at 808.344.1538. See store list here .