Glam Rocks

Lei Chic On your iPod you mix it up. You roll with the Rolling Stones, swing with Neil Diamond, and get down to Pearl Jam. But recently the playlist in your jewelry box has gone completely heavy metal.

Restore your pop star status with the New Kids on the Rock – Pueo Jewels.

Created by the same creative team that brought you Midori Jewelry, which has gone gold at Macy's and in boutiques across the nation, Pueo Jewels just made its debut on Etsy. Designer Traci Morinaga spins her expertise into this new line that's sure to top the charts without breaking the bank.

Lei ChicEvery Pueo creation will be a guaranteed hit. A rainbow of semi-precious stones and hand stamped silver charms on colorful cords ensure You'll Be Loving Hues Forever. Hang Tough with flashing briolettes framed in brushed black metal. Bold yet delicate gold-dipped leaves have The Right Stuff and you’ll say Please Don’t Go Pearl when it’s a simple, glimmering coin shaped pendant.

It's easy to go Step by Step with all your favorite looks since prices cap out at forty bucks.

So you can score a whole new style for a song.

Now that's music to your ears.

Shop for Pueo Jewels on its Etsy shop.