Give Peace A Chance

Lei Chic Lately it seems like your lunchtime battle of the bulge has turned into all-out dietary warfare.

On one side, the health food brigade—a lean mean feeding machine, armed to the teeth with broccoli spears and wheat grass shots. On the other, the fast food militia—a massive, expertly-trained army adept at deep frying, melty cheese maneuvers and swift nuclear (microwave) tactics.

Sure, grease bombs taste great around noon, but come three o'clock those WMDs (Weapons of Mass Digestion) will have you looking for ways to go AWOL without your boss noticing.

For a satisfying lunch that doesn’t require its own exit strategy, check out Peace Café, Honolulu's first totally vegan lunch spot which quietly opened its doors in Mo'ili'ili Saturday and celebrates its grand opening this Wednesday.

With an emphasis on pure and whole foods, the café's menu is loaded with an arsenal of nutritious and delicious plant-based options like sandwiches, salads and even sweets made with organic and local ingredients. Think cilantro hummus on fresh baked bread, crisp Caesar salad and scrumptious berry muffins, but without all the eggs, dairy, white sugar, and guilt.

You can eat your lunch in the 15-seat space or take it to go. The café even offers coffee and tea drinks, such as espressos and soy green tea lattes, to get you through the rest of the day with both eyes open.

So you can easily fend off kanak attacks.
And give your waistline a fighting chance.

Peace Café, 2239 S. King St., Honolulu, 808.951.7555. Open daily, 11 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. For more info, visit