Give It Away Now

Need a reason to donate? Try three:

▪ You’re place is so cluttered it looks like a landfill.

▪ You peeked, and there’s no room to put your new Christmas gifts.

▪ Green is the new black, but giving the right thing to those who need it, instead of dumping in the rubbish or at Goodwill, is priceless.


www.leichic.comWhat: Your retired Moto
Cell Phones for Soldiers 
Why: Razrs are so last year, and helping soldiers call home is cool now.

What: Your hoopdie
Kidney Foundation  or a suite of local charities online at Cars4Charities 
Why: A hoopdie is not a hybrid, but its price saves lives.

What: Clothes, computers, printers, appliances, fans, bedding, www.leichic.comtoys and school supplies
Child & Family Service, 808.543.8413
Why: You were a kid once, too.

What: Ukulele, digital cameras, back hoes, scoop nets, fishing poles and more
Friends of He‘eia Fishpond 
Why: Preservation, education, and natural resources, oh my!

What: Art supplies, costumes, un-recyclable rubbish (like www.leichic.complastic screw-top jars)
The Green House , 808.524.8427
Why: You’ve got imagination. This place teaches people how use it.

What: Fashion magazines
Ask your alma mater or a teacher if they need magazines for student collages. Or take them to the library – most locations have a free magazine bin where you can drop them.
Why: Now you’ve got Lei Chic.