Get Your Pregame On

The Warriors regain the home field advantage this week. So step up your parking lot pregame with these gadgets and don't worry about overtime – most can ship by Saturday.

Lei Chic Beers to You

Even when you're up seven (or rather, downed seven) you can keep tabs on the game with a score-tracking beer coozie ($12.99 for one, $10.99 for two or more).

Lei Chic Pizza the Action

Sometimes grilling isn't so grate. Sizzle up some slices with an pizza oven that plugs right into your car lighter ($26.86).

Lei Chic Pass Protection

Have him swap heavy football pads for foam fan gear ($25) when tossing the pigskin so he can be a player without the spring straining.

Lei Chic Team Pry-ed

Friends will tip their caps to your bottle opener when it's built into your slippers ($29.99), polarized sunglasses ($39.99), or your spatula ($19.99).

Lei Chic Color Commentary

The steaks are high so you won't fumble with a meat thermometer that yells when your eats hit the perfect temperature ($69.99 at Brookstone, Ward Center). Or pull out a four-prong attack for steaks of varying degrees of doneness ($37.95 at Executive Chef, Ward Warehouse).

Lei Chic Offsides Stash

Get off the (drink) losing team with magnetic or suction cup coozies that'll keep your beer stuck to your truck.

Lei Chic Get a Grip

Warm up to snap-on handles ($1.99 bottles/$4.50 cans) that will keep your suds from feeling your heat.

Lei Chic Stadium Seating

Your barcalounger didn't fit in the car, so put on your pads with a couch that slides right into the truck bed ($199) or a cushion complete with arm rests ($49.99) and six reclining positions.

Lei Chic Fowl Calls

A block from the black is a good thing when a steel rack ($24.99) stops dripping oil from flaring up and burning your wings.

Lei Chic Two Minute (Un)warming

You can't stop the clock to chill your brew. The Tinchilla ($31.45 + washipping from the UK) just needs two AA batteries and some ice to spin a can ice cold in 60 seconds.

Lei Chic Tailback Togs

Officially licensed UH team gear ($28) silkscreened by hand in Hawaii will keep your BFLF (Best Four-Legged Friend) from having to sit in the visitor's section.

Lei ChicDrip, Drip Hooray

You won't cry over spilled beer when its anchored in sturdy metal bases complete with coozies and a scorecard ($79.95).

Lei Chic The Wheel Deal

Save your energy for screaming in the stands with a remote-controlled 12-can cooler ($69.95) that comes to you.