Get Your Mac On

Lei ChicYou: Huh, I wonder if my spam filter is weeding out all those guys who are trying to connect with me on Match.

Spam filter: Nope, not me.

Maybe it’s all the mentions of your ex. Maybe it’s the fact your photo was obviously taken in the early ‘90s (that N’Sync shirt is a dead giveaway). Either way, your online profile needs some serious work.  

Redo your dot-com identity with the help of Janelle Hanaike, owner of Single Society Honolulu, a singles’ dating and matchmaking service. Follow these tips and you’ll be on your way to receiving that perfect e-male.

1 – Be really honest about who you are. Do you really like hiking or did you just go once? Don’t claim to love anything unless you really do, or he’ll fall for someone who doesn’t actually exist.

2 – Emphasize what makes you unique. If you’re totally a foodie, someone who only eats chicken tenders may not be the best fit.

3 – Avoid the typical. Use creative descriptions of your interests. Who doesn't like walks on the beach and dining out? Find a funny or unique way to write it and you’ll stand out.

4 – Filter out the strays. It’s ok to set age, appearance and other filters, just avoid using race (that's a huge turn off for many), or sounding overwhelmingly picky. You don’t want a guy to be exhausted by the time he finishes your list of demands.

5 – Change your tag line and photo often. It helps keep your profile fresh and interesting.

6 – Avoid negative talk about anything or anyone. It’s a small island.

7 – The word sex should not be in your profile; not in your tagline, description, or implied suggestively in photos. Most people use dating sites to meet people with long-term potential. Slutty just doesn’t work here.

8 – Always check your spelling and grammar. Always. "Your" and "you’re" are different. So are "they’re", "their" and "there" . Learn them. Bad grammar or too much pidgin can easily keep potential dates away.

9 – Don't lie. Don't put up old photos, or lie about your age, height or weight. He’s going to figure out you’re not a size two when you meet, and it’s hard to overcome starting a relationship with deceit.

Internet dating not your thing? Single Society Honolulu puts on 10 singles events each month, and offers personalized matchmaking services for Honolulu’s young professional crowd. For more info visit their website or call them at 808.536.4229.