Get Your Licks
You’ve got a rough formula for diet-blowing that goes something like this: taste must be greater than, or equal to, the amount of time it will take to burn it off (in treadmill minutes, which are longer than actual minutes).

And since you’re a whiz at math, you know that some snacks just don’t add up (we’re looking at you, convenience store nachos). Well, plug this one into the equation: Tropical Dreams ice cream is now available on Oahu.

Tropical Dreams treats have been around on the Big Island for years, and now, thanks to Melanie Boudar, owner of Sweet Paradise Chocolatier (and our new dairy godmother), these creamy creations can be scooped up in Kailua.

Made on Lalamilo Farm in Waimea, the ice cream is crafted with fresh sweet cream from Big Island dairies—and it contains 18 percent butter fat, which is dessert-speak for “heaven on your tongue.” They also source as many local fruits as possible, like white pineapple, poha berry, ohelo berry and dragonfruit.

Sweet Paradise Chocolatier currently carries eight flavors, including Tahitian vanilla, white chocolate ginger and chocolate coconut macadamia—so your biggest decision will be which to splurge on first.

Luscious flavors + supporting local companies + a great way to cool off this summer … you do the math. It all adds up to being worth the weight.

On Oahu, find Tropical Dreams ice cream at Sweet Paradise Chocolatier, 20-A Kainehe St., Kailua; 808.230.8228. For a full list of locations, visit