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www.leichic.comIf beauty is in the eye of the beholder, then to see lovely things everywhere all you need to do is fine-tune your perspective. 

So try viewing life through the lens of Kenn Briner, a Maui photographer who challenges viewers to see everyday objects in unexpected ways. Briner himself used to see the world differently – through music – until a fire took his musical equipment and a stroke of fate inspired a woman to give him her old Nikon camera as a consolation.


Since then Briner has spent 10 years not only photographing breathtaking settings, but creating stunning compositions filled www.leichic.comwith rich color, light, and mysterious scale. Each image communicates nature’s delicate poetry, presenting unusual visions of nature such as bamboo stalks gracefully balanced against each other, or a leaf resting on a stone after a forest rainstorm.

But lately Briner’s perception of beauty has changed. His new series of photographic abstractions remain focused on composition, color and light, only they’re now applied to architectural and industrial subjects. Each picture provokes you to use your imagination, to redefine for yourself just what beauty is, and where it can be discovered.

Frame by beautiful frame.

All yours for the beholding.

Available at the Paia Contemporary Gallery, 83B Hana Hwy. , Paia, Maui . 808.579.8444. See full portfolio and sizes at