Get Shorty

Lei ChicYou just blew yet another paycheck on a pair of over-priced, perfect-fitting dungarees.

The problem? You live in Hawai‘i. And while your mainland girlfriends are busting out their tux-cut blazers and funky-fun scarves, over here, it’s still entirely too hot for pants. You seriously should’ve watched Hawaii Five-O instead of Gossip Girl for fall fashion tips.

Instead of getting your pants in a bunch, chill out and let local denim guru, Allison Izu, show you how to transform a pair of jeans into cute cuffed shorts that you can rock everyday—without even breaking a sweat.

You’ll need: a pair of jeans, scissors, a pencil, ruler, measuring tape, sewing machine, thread and pins.


Lei Chic Step 1
Put the jeans on and figure out how long of an inseam you want. (The inseam is the measurement from the crotch area to where the hem of the shorts will end). Izu recommends a minimum of 2 inches. Add to this the cuff length – if you want a one-inch cuff, add an inch to your original measurement, and so on.



Lei ChicStep 2
Take the jeans off, turn them inside out and lay them completely flat. Pin the pocket up to avoid accidentally cutting it. Measure your inseam and use a pencil and a ruler to draw a line straight across the pant leg at this measurement.

Lei Chic


Step 3
Cut using the line you drew as a guide. Repeat with the other leg. Option: You can add a side slit on the side seam if the fit on your thigh is a little snug.

Lei ChicStep 4
To create the cuff, fold the hem and use a steam iron to press it flat.


Lei Chic
Step 5

Pin and sew the circumference of the short leg to keep the cuff in place. Hint: If you don't like pocket material showing, you can cut them off and stitch them closed.


Not feeling so crafty? No sweat. Allison Izu’s new collection of ultra-chic, vintage washed (ala 1970’s) denim is coming soon. And you can check out her current collection online at