Get Reel

Lei Chic It's Saturday night and you're off on your weekly fishing expedition – down into the depths of your jewelry box, that is.

Sure you love the seafloor's worth of pearly shelled pieces you've reeled in over the years, but when you transform from daytime beach babe into night-out-on-the-town trendster, you'd love to rock some ocean-inspired accessories with just a little more edge.

Get hooked on the Nani Aho collection from local jewelry line Meesah. What started off as a few simple styles has just recently expanded into a full range of re-purposed rings, bracelets, and embellished earrings. 

Lei ChicAll are handmade using spearfishing line that designer Melisa Medalle unearths at the Oahu’s beaches, shorelines and fishing spots she’s become such a frequenter of bait and supply shops (hitting up their recycle bins) that local fisherman have begun offering her their leftover line. And the copper crimps used to fasten the lines together are the same that fishermen use to make their lures.  

The rings and bracelets come in basic clear and black, along with ultra-bright aqua and orange hues, and range from thin double looped styles to thick twisted varieties – there’s even an ultra-chunky bracelet made from opaque deep sea fishing line. Slide them on one at a time for a simple yet sleek look, or stack them high for a more eclectic, rockerish vibe.  

The earrings mix includes everything from tassled drop styles to dainty chain-like strands to triple-looped teardrop varieties – many of which come adorned with cool little found trimmings, like glass pieces, beads and gemstones.  

Best of all, Medalle donates a portion of the proceeds from the collection to ocean clean-up organizations. 

Looks like the only thing you'll be fishing for now is compliments.

Meesah's Nani Aho collection is available at Etown, 1164 Smith Street, Chinatown (next to Ottocake). Select styles available online here.