Get Comfortable in Kailua (Sponsored Post)

Perfect island living in a perfect beachside retreat.

Have you ever walked into a house and immediately felt completely at home in the space? Cool and contemporary, yet totally comfortable, 126 Kailuana Loop is the kind of house you walk into and never want to leave. With an open floor plan and major renovations done in 2007, this three bedroom, three bathroom home is the perfect spot to sit and stay a while.

Realtor Connie Carvill describes 126 Kailuana Loop as being the epitome of “gracious island living.” It’s easy to see what she means. If island living is about spending time with family and friends and enjoying the fabulous weather on this island we call home, this house nails the concept. Step through the front door and immediately you enter the main living area for the home. Although this space has separate areas for the kitchen, living room and formal dining room/family room, the spaces are totally connected. Whether you’re cooking or setting the table (or enjoying a martini on the sofa) you’re never far from your loved ones.

The home also blends seamlessly between the indoor and the outdoor spaces. Beautiful windows look out onto the home’s inviting pool. While your kids (or kids at heart) splash around in the pool’s sparkling blue water you can relax, cocktail in hand, on the covered lanai.  And, if you want to head to the beach it’s just steps away. 126 Kailuana Loop is directly across from the gated beach access to pristine Kailua Beach.

While family living in Hawaii is all about time outside at the beach and in the pool, it’s also, undeniably, about eating. When was the last time you went to a family potluck where there wasn’t about three times as much food as there needed to be? If you move into 126 Kailuana Loop, you’ll be more than set up to host your family’s next get-together. The home’s gourmet kitchen—complete with ceramic tile floors and granite counter tops—offers more than enough space to cook all of Tutu’s famous family recipes.

Offering one-floor living, the home’s bedrooms technically aren’t very far from the open living spaces. However, cool and private as these rooms are, somehow they feel a world away. The large master suite has a giant walk-in closet, and a stylish-but-comfortable attached bathroom. The ensuite guest bedroom has a wonderful walk-in closet. The spacious office/third bedroom has beautiful built-in bookshelves and could easily be converted into two bedrooms.

The whole home is decorated and designed with contemporary touches, but it’s never so modern that it feels cold or impersonal. Sometimes you walk into a fancy modern home and feel afraid to touch anything—126 Kailuana Loop is anything but that. Best of all, the home is full of nice upgrades. There’s ceramic tile throughout the home and a brand new photovoltaic system. Plus, there’s a two-car garage that sits right next to the home’s exquisitely landscaped front yard. At 126 Kailuana Loop every last detail has been taken care of. So go ahead, make yourself comfortable—we have a feeling you’ll be here for a while.

Money talk: $2,550,000, fee simple
Contact: Connie Carvill, Realtor at Carvill& Company, (808) 263-5900 x 103 or
MLS number: 1206785