Garden Variety

How does your garden grow?

Wilted, brown and dying?

Maybe it’s time to turn over a new leaf when it comes to houseplants. The Living Vase from local outdoor-décor designers 1st Look Exteriors will help.

Filled with locally grown foliage, the vases are overflowing with greenery. Leaves and stems burst from the top and fill out the sides of the pot too – through openings made just to allow the plants to grow in full 3-D effect.

The vases are mini versions of 1st Look’s living walls, which are like large-scale murals of live plants, all growing vertically on a wall. And they are a cooler accessory for home or office than potted or hanging plants.

The best part? They require minimal care – park the vases in a sunny spot and water regularly. No pruning, trimming, or re-potting necessary.

These leaves have a lot to be desired.

Living Vases are available at Whole Foods at Kahala Mall, and at  1st Look Exteriors, 94-422 Ukee Street, Waipahu.