Game Plan

At your house, it’s always game time. You always win Hide the Shopping Spree Bags, but he always beats you at the Amazing Race to the Remote Control. And when your version of Who Wants to be a Dish Washer? results in a draw, you consider that a victory.

Even play time has you competing for opposing teams. Your girlfriends are coming over for wine, gossip and a Sex & the City marathon. But he’s already staking claim to the TV with a handful of dudes wielding video games.

Luckily, there’s a win-win situation for everyone: the Mobile Gamer Guys.

The local company is a traveling video game arcade on wheels that rolls up to your house in a shuttle bus outfitted with eight Xbox 360 stations, eight 19-inch wall-mounted monitors, a Wii console with a 42-inch monitor, and a dizzying selection of video games.

Eight people can climb on board and compete at once, with games like Call of Duty World at War, Halo 3, and Project Gotham Racing. The Wii big-screen monitor is on the bus exterior, leaving you plenty of space to show off your mad skills – whether it’s bowling, Mario Kart, or Guitar Hero World Tour.

For double the fun, rent two buses – they’ll hook them together for a 16-person, bus-versus-bus tournament. All video games and accessories are provided, and if they don’t have what you want, they’ll go get it for you – that’s just how they roll.

The buses can go almost anywhere on O‘ahu, showing up at birthday parties, weddings, picnics, bachelor parties – or anywhere you wanna get your game on.

So your guy gets to stage the ultimate Guitar Hero tourney, you don’t have to relocate girls night, and everybody wins.

Not that you’re keeping score.

Mobile Gamer Guys. Call 808.692.2729 or book online at