Fun, Fantastic Hawai‘i Graduation Gifts for Preschoolers

Let’s raise our milk glasses to the small kiddos who took big steps this year. Besides air high fives and virtual hugs, show them lots of aloha with gifts that are A+’s in our books.

We reached out to our local retail community and discovered a school of cool presents for keiki graduating from preschool. From chill ice cream parties to tees and books that motivate, we’re proud to present the best graduation gift list of 2020. 

Earth Grown dinosaur and heart crayons

$11.52, Red Pineapple

Dreamimals towel

$30.37, Red Pineapple

Twinkle, Twinkle, Small Hōkū by Jing Jing Tsong

$7.95, Da Shop

Local and No Worry Beef Curry ringer tees

$22 each, Izzy and Luke

Short Stack Kanaka of the Future long-sleeve tee

$23, Mori Hawai‘i

Little Misschief Kai dress and Little Chief Aloha sweater

$32 and $42, Little Chiefs of Hawai‘i

Tūtū Makes A Lei by Kuana Torres Kahele


‘Opihi collection boy’s aloha shirt and Butterfly girl’s dress

$36 and $44, Manuheali‘i

Peter Anaya Kicks mini boogies