From Our Files: Moments from Hawai‘i’s Past—June Edition

A look back at Honolulu from June 1930 to 1985. Stories taken from the archives of Paradise of the Pacific and HONOLULU Magazine.

Our History

In 1888, King Kalākaua issued a royal charter, commissioning a magazine. Then titled Paradise of the Pacific, this publication became HONOLULU Magazine, making it the oldest magazine west of the Mississippi.






“Surfing is king of sports at Waikīkī.”



United Airlines celebrates the 25th anniversary of employing women on its flights. The first eight recruits, registered nurses, were given a three-month tryout. “Somewhat skeptical at first, Boeing executives agreed to the novelty on a probationary basis,” writes Paradise. “Passengers gave the innovation an immediate stamp of approval. Hard-bitten pilots scratched their heads in admiration as the girls even pitched in to help load baggage and assist in fueling.” In 1955, “United’s sky girl roster is a typical cross-section of young womanhood. Represented are former co-eds, stenographers, school teachers and models.” The average length of service is 27 months, with 99 percent of the resignations “in favor of matrimony.”



A “Wai‘alae Housewife” writes about accidentally taking her mother to see a movie that was a bit more explicit than she expected. “All the ad said was, ‘The Notorious Cleopatra, Eastman Color, the biggest and boldest adult film ever made.’ We doubted anything could be bigger and bolder than the Liz Taylor-Richard Burton fiasco and we were interested in a new slant on the great classic. And we were adults. It seemed tailor-made.” A few minutes into the movie, the author writes, the scene was just like the shower room at Kappa Alpha Theta. “‘Mom,” I said nervously, ‘I think we’re in the wrong movie.’ ‘Indeed we are,’ she agreed. ‘Your late father told me all about movies like this. I’m staying!’”



Second place winner in HONOLULU’s annual photo contest: this shot of UH scientist John J. Learned with a muon and neutrino detector.












Learn more about the evolution of covers in HONOLULU Magazine and Paradise of the Pacific: 125 Years of Covers, available at


Did you know? In 1985, The state Legislature contemplates raising the drinking age from 18. Opine’s Emil Lee from Lee’s Pohaku: “You better find out what they’re smoking before what they’re drinking.”