From Our Files: Moments from Hawai‘i’s Past–December Edition

A look back at Honolulu from December 1932 to 1997. Stories taken from the archives of Paradise of the Pacific and HONOLULU Magazine.

King KalākauaOUR HISTORY

In 1888, King Kalākaua issued a royal charter, commissioning a magazine. Then titled Paradise of the Pacific, this publication became HONOLULU Magazine, making it the oldest magazine west of the Mississippi.




Thomas Square

Thomas Square is almost finished, with a pool and fountain in the center thanks to a donation from the friends and family of Beatrice Castle. Paradise quotes an excerpt in the paper: “The Castle Memorial Fountain, situated in the midst of four beautiful banyans, planted by the late A.S. Cleghorn, once governor of O‘ahu, stands as a memorial to a woman who in her lifetime did a great deal for the beautification of the city of Honolulu and O‘ahu. It was a beautiful thought that prompted the crystallization of this idea in tangible form.” Paradise says, “Out of respect for such a memory our public will gradually learn to appreciate beauty and care for it, and this final cooperation will be necessary for lasting results.”



USS Arizona

The Pacific War Memorial Commission is making a drive to raise funds for a memorial over the sunken USS Arizona. Paradise says, “Such a project is estimated to cost $250,000, and the fundraising campaign will have its official declaration on this Dec. 7.”



Converting to wind

Attempting to figure out an energy-efficient way to power homes and buildings, architect Jim Charlton proposes using wind power. HONOLULU says, “His ideas on energy from architecture, however, are perhaps a weather vane to future forms, the kind of thinking that is different enough to help people start looking in a new direction for less expensive power.”



Computers are becoming commonplace in homes all over the nation, joining the rise of hand-held, battery-operated electronic games. “Ready or not, your household faces a computer technology invasion,” says HONOLULU. “You can resist, or you can open your doors quietly (and happily).”



“Papayas approximately the size of watermelons are being grown at 1020 Koko Head,” Paradise says. The largest one is 17 inches long and has a circumference of 27 inches.



Peter Carlisle

“No-nonsense city prosecutor Peter Carlisle was dolled up for a Dennis Rodman Look-Alike Contest,” says HONOLULU. “Carlisle said, ‘I’d never flaunt my body for personal gain,’ then turned and bowed, revealing a ‘Carlisle for Prosecutor’ bumper sticker plastered across his prosecutorial posterior.”



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