From Now Until Friday, Alaska Airlines is Selling Tickets Discounted by the Size of the Surf in Hawai‘i

12-foot waves get you 15% off, but you have to buy from Nov. 4 to 8 for flights through Nov. 20. The deal is based on forecasts.
Alaska Airlines
Photo: Courtesy of Alaska Airlines Facebook Page


As come-ons go, this one is a masterpiece of clickbait: A Monday pop-up sale on Alaska Airlines’ website announced a “Swell Deal” based on wave heights in Hawai‘i. You can fly to Lihue, Kona, Kahului or Honolulu, but you have to pick your wave window now. There’s a forecast to provide odds, and the price looks baked in, so check it out carefully. As of Tuesday, heights were estimated to be 12.9 feet but the trend line provided by Surfline shows the swell dropping considerably.


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In fact, unless a radical new pulse arrives, Hawai‘i won’t be seeing anything like 12 feet. But don’t let that deter your entire crew from booking, because 0-10 feet still gets you 10% off. And if a monster sneaker session hits, well, 21 feet gets you 30% off, dude. Is that not totally within the realm of possibility? Of course it is. Spicoli practically guarantees it. 


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However, in the fine print we don’t actually see a contingency rebate if the waves exceed the forecast, so don’t listen to Spicoli (as if you ever did). Tell you buds to be happy with the 10% off. Then remind them to follow instructions and enter that “SURFLINE15” discount code before you hit “find flights.”


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