Fringe Benefits

Lei Chic Your phone rings. Your dog barks. Sometimes the stoplight changes (although you would never admit that's what happened), and in an instant, there is a black blob on what was once a perfect smoky eye.

Nothing ruins your face – and day – more than a mascara mess-up. Makeup artists have a simple secret for perfectly separated and clump free mascara jobs, and it’s not $50 products, prescription-only lash-growing chemicals, or expensive extensions.

It’s a simple business card, expertly positioned above the lid to catch excess and help the mascara wand work its magic. But it takes expert coordination and lots of practice to get that professionally-done look.

Which is why former New York fashionista and Hawaii Kai resident Alice Kim, who earned her stripes from the Parsons School of Design, Aeropostale and Club Monaco, created an even simpler solution for us amateurs.

Kim just launched her new Lash Card, just a little bigger than a matchbook and the ultimate barrier between your lashes and eyelids. Each card has two cut-out curved edges, measured so those with Asian and non-Asian eyes can comfortably comb out clumps and avoid smears. Her website offers the simplest how-to video showing how to use Lash Cards to perfect your daily mascara app.

The card comes in packs of 10 so it’s easy to stash one in your clutch, work bag, even cell phone holder.  They're hypoallergenic.  They're disposable.  And, they're individually wrapped, so you won't find it coated in that eye shadow dust gathering on the bottom of your makeup bag.

Making your morning lash-and-dash job easy to pull off anywhere.

The Lash Card sells in packs of 10 for $5.99. The first 50 Lei Chic readers to order get one pack free. Just go to , and enter LEICHIC as the coupon code and select "Other" at the payment method page.