Fright Night

www.leichic.comWhen it comes to scares that only happen every few years, Monday’s economic freefall was pretty chilling.

But you don’t spook easy. If you’re gonna get chicken skin, it’s gonna be from something truly real (with no chance of a bailout).

So this Halloween season, forget so-called haunted houses and the usual obake tours and get a genuine fright at graveyard historian and author Nanette Napoleon’s only nighttime cemetery tour.

Once the sky darkens, Napoleon leads a brave group through the eerie paths of O‘ahu Cemetery, telling true graveyard ghost stories about people who once walked our streets and who are now buried underfoot. Living people appear from behind trees and gravestones to act out deathly tales as your skin crawls and you get the kind of scare only real ghost stories in a shadowy graveyard can create.

Napoleon’s night tour happens just once every two years, and the limited spots book up well in advance.

And on November 1, they’re baaaaaack.
Only this time, it’s real.

Nanette Napoleon’s Nighttime Cemetery Tour, November 1, 2008, 7-9 p.m. at O‘ahu Cemetery, 2162 Nu‘uanu Avenue, Honolulu.  For reservations call 808.261.0705 or email Kids must be 12 years or older to attend.