Fresh Picks

Lei ChicThe location: The produce aisle at the supermarket.

The artist: An open-shirted, greased hair, shades on, old-enough-to-be-your-grandpa, winner.

The line: "Nice melons you've got there…"

Ugh. The only digits he'll be getting are five fingers to the face.

For a few pick-ups that you'll actually want to take home, check out The Perfect Pick-Up, the new pop-up gift shop that launched this week.

Open just for the holidays, the boutique carries a cool mix of urban-chic goodies. Owner Jeff Berman, a retail veteran with art and architecture degrees, uses his creative eye to fill the shelves with uniquely designed items that are slightly offbeat.

Buy your foodie friends the quirky Salad Plant—melamine serving utensils and a salad dressing bowl designed to look like plant stalks in a ceramic pot. Nab the eco-chicster on your list a wine bag made from recycled bottles. And stuff your co-workers' stockings with kitschy, hand-screened Picasso notepads, which twist into funky shapes.

Other fun finds include pinwheel messenger bags, ski pole potato mashers, whimsical bunny backpacks and tricked-out cardboard playhouses.

Looks like your pick-up luck is changing,
thanks to a few one-of-a-kind lines.

The Perfect Pick-Up pop-up shop is open now through December 24. 620 Dillingham Blvd. 2nd Floor, Honolulu, 808.537.3509. Browse the boutique's products online at