French Collection

Lei ChicYou’ve always been more Coco Chanel than Tommy Hilfiger – spritzing Coco Mademoiselle, and not Tommy Girl as you leave the house each day. And your Starbucks order? Always a café au lait and croissant, not a cup of joe and muffin to go. And while our pals are going gaga over the newest Marc Jacobs It bag, you’re eyeing the classic Hermes.

But flying world class isn’t easy on a coach budget (and we’re not just talking handbags).

How to look tres chic on the tres cheap?

Morgan Lane Tanner’s new line of jewelry channels her personal passion for the glamour of the 1940s and 50s into jewelry that’s purely vintage vogue.

A costume designer at Punahou School, Tanner has a long experience creating historic fashions for the Oregon Shakespeare Festival and Honolulu Theatre for Youth. In her necklaces and earrings, she transforms sketches from 1940s fashion publications into glossy charms for a look of retro elegance. The black-and-white drawings are mounted on light balsa wood, layered against textured prints, and finished off with aged brass and copper chains for a truly timeless feel.

For a more modern design, there are pendants of hammered silver and sea glass or coral set against the vibrant patterns of exotic Japanese washi paper. Tanner can create custom pieces to fit your signature style, all for less than $50.

Meaning you can wear a classic couture look without waving bon voyage to your budget.

Check out Morgan Lane Turner’s jewelry at her etsy shop or contact her at