Freight Expectations

There they are. After hours of searching online, you finally tracked down the perfect pair of shoes. The ones that go with everything you own. The ones you can’t find anywhere in Hawai‘i. You giddily enter your info, hit apply and—argghhh! That dreaded error message appears –Unfortunately, we cannot ship to Hawai‘i. Makes you want to beat the ship out of your computer.

Instead of going postal, enlist the help of one of these ship-to-Hawai‘i companies, created to help Island residents get around the 48-contiguous states clause and avoid exorbitant fees.

Lei ChicShip to Hawai‘i
This membership-based service helps you take advantage of retailers’ free shipping offers that don’t apply to Hawai‘i.
How it works: You ship your purchase to Ship To Hawai‘i’s California facility where your package gets consolidated with other orders and sent to Honolulu in a bi-weekly delivery. You’ll receive an email when it arrives and can pick it up at at Ship To Hawai‘i’s Nimitz facility.
What you’ll save: Up to 70 percent. For example, a 20-pound package that would cost you $86.60 via 2-day air by FedEx or UPS, is only $26.60. Use their online shipping calculator to calculate costs.
Annual membership for Hawai‘i residents is $20. Ship to Hawai‘i, 866.226.6454,


Lei Chic
Aloha Forwarding
Started by a former Hilo resident who once had to pay a $35.35 shipping charge for a $3.25 pair of headphones, Aloha Forwarding saves you money by re-sending your package from their Denver address.
How it works: You shop online like usual, list Aloha Forwarding as the shipping address, and they'll re-ship it to your door. No membership is needed, and you can choose how quickly you want it. They’ll use flat rate boxes or whatever method saves you the most money.
What you’ll save: An average of 40 percent. Use when your only shipping options are FedEx or UPS and you’re shipping less than 70 pounds.
Aloha Forwarding, 866.589.0529,
Lei ChicShip & Save
This forwarding service re-ships your packages via the U.S. postal service, instead of using 2-day air rates on UPS or FedEx.
How it works: No membership is required, but you will need a PayPal account. Shop online like normal and at checkout, select ground shipping on your order and fill in Ship & Save's address. Then, they re-ship it to your door. Use it when your only shipping options are FedEx or UPS.
What you’ll save: Up to 50 percent.
Ship & Save, 417.252.4580,