Freezy Does It

Lei ChicYou love spending time in the kitchen, whipping up homemade desserts to awe and delight your friends. But lately you've been on a little hiatus. Let's face it. It's way too hot to turn on the oven.

To help beat the heat, we asked Josh Lanthier-Welch, co-owner of OnoPops, the Hawai‘i Kai company that’s been rolling out delectable Island-style paletas since spring, for tips on whipping up a nice ‘n’ freezy treat.

While pulling a batch of Watermelon Cucumber Cayenne OnoPops, the company's newest flavor, he spilled his recipe for pineapple paletas—the base used in the company’s own delicious Pineapple Li Hing OnoPops.

OnoPops' Pineapple Paletas

1 large, sweet, ripe, organic pineapple (should yield about 3 cups of cubed fruit)
2 cups, 6:1 simple syrup, chilled (OnoPops uses only Hawaii raw evaporated cane)
*OnoPops adds in its own hand-blended, all-natural li hing mui powder

Peel, core and coarsely dice the pineapple. Use a food processor or blender to purée the pineapple, pulsing to incorporate all chunks. Strain the purée with a coarse strainer or chinois. Retain the pulp and return it to the food processor.

Combine the strained pineapple purée with the simple syrup, place in a standard home ice cream machine and spin for 75 percent of the time recommended by the manufacturer (usually 15 minutes instead of 20). The mix should be slushy but not yet sorbet-like. Re-process the pineapple pulp in the food processor for two to three minutes until completely smooth and frothy. Fold the two mixtures together, pour into molds and freeze.


OnoPops are available at the Ward and Dillingham Marukai Specialty Stores, Kokua Foods, select Oahu farmers’ markets, and via special order. For more info, call 808.534.2949 or click here.