Frame of Reference

Like the earrings you bought for your first job interview, or the bracelet you splurged on during your last vacation, nearly every piece in your jewelry collection is tagged with a special memory.

The new Gallery jewelry line from Kailua artist Maya von Geldern lets wearers forge a more visible link to those personal moments.

Each necklace, bracelet and earring features a frame-shaped charm showcasing a tiny photo or artistic print. Choose a meaningful image (perhaps a Buddha or an angel?), one that evokes a strong memory (a crashing wave or a flower), or one that’s just plain pretty. Or, for a modern twist on the old-fashioned locket, von Geldern will customize www.leichic.coma piece for you using a photo or art image from your own collection.

After three years on Italy ’s Mediterranean coast, von Geldern now splits time between Portland, Oregon, and Hawaii. She inlays each image into the mini-frames by hand, one by one, and incorporates them into her designs along with beads and other charms.

Each piece is completely one of a kind, and lets you sport a mini-gallery of memories, favorite places or faraway friends you want to keep close.

Finally, proof that you do lead a charmed life.

View the collection online at