For Your Guys Only

Pop Quiz. Last Valentine's Day you gave your special someone:

a) A home-cooked meal
b) A picture of you
c) A hard time for forgetting February 14th and/or giving you that roadside hazard kit he thought really showed he cared.

Guys have it easy — flowers/chocolate/ jewelry usually works for us. We're the ones who have it hard on cupid's day. Here are a few items to make him wish he sprung for Godiva.
Lei ChicA Diamond is Forever
They are the reigning WAC champions, and boast the WAC's preseason player of the year in heavy hitter Kolten Wong. Even if you don't know what that means, season tickets for UH Baseball guarantees you 30+ days of couple time. The university's not-so-steep prices guarantee you'll have enough cash leftover to throw in a UH Green fleece blanket , for snuggling under the Manoa stars. Season tickets to UH baseball games start at $50 for students and $135 for adults, depending on seat choice. Click here for more information.

Lei Chic Sweet Meats
Bacon — good! Chocolate — good! Peanut brittle — even good! Forgive the rip-off from one of our favorite Friends, but we bet Joey would have flipped over Sir Francis Bacon Shoppe's chocolate bacon peanut brittle. The guys (we have to assume they're guys) take a chocolate bar, and stud it with artisan-smoked bacon, plus bits of peanut brittle for a sweet/salty/smoky taste described as "drool inducing." The brittle starts at $17.95 for an eight-ounce box. Start shopping here .

Lei Chic
Hands-Free Hops
He loves to knock one back when his teams hit the hardwood. But having to get up to get another during those key final seconds of the game, leaves him in a foul mood. The leather-tooled beer holster (upper left) ensures that he always has an back up brew at hand. And for those March Madness marathons, there's the beer belt built to accomodate five of his favorite bottles or cans, and even one for you.


Lei Chic

Now that's chivalry.

The beer holster sells for $34.95 at . The beer belt goes for $18.00 at

Lei ChicAs Much Sizzle as a …
He's only ready to cook when there's fire involved. So might as well make every grilled meal a restaurant-like experience. That's the claim of ManGrate, a cast iron grate made to help sear and evenly cook steaks. The secret is in the angled ledges, designed to trap the fat that drips off, adding flavor to the smoking process. Help him beef up his grill skills for the next candlelight dinner he makes you.
The ManGrate starts at $29.99 for one at its online shop.

Lei ChicThanks for the Memory
Every save can be a childhood flashback when he uses the force of Mimico's Star Wars USB Drives. The 2 – 16 GB drives are all dressed up as Yoda, R2D2, Hans Solo, and the top selling Darth Vader, with and WITHOUT his helmet! They also carry DC Comic, Halo and original characters. Not only that, send them your old USB for recycling , and you can earn up to a $15 credit toward your own Hello Kitty drive. Click here to order.
Animation Magic in Windward Mall has the Obi-One in 2GB available. A new shipment is expected by President's Day.

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