For Rent: Windowless Apartment at Honolulu’s Executive Center

I know a lot of people who would love to rent downtown. Just imagine: a five-minute walking commute! Downtown parking! Bars and clubs at your doorstep! But living downtown requires sacrifices, usually of the financial variety. Downtown condo rentals are on fairly expensive—the median price of a two-bedroom downtown rental in the second half of 2010 was $1,900 per month.

So, this recent Craigslist listing for a 800-sq.-ft., two-bedroom apartment on the eight floor of the Executive Centre for $1,300 per month sounds like a pretty good deal, until you read the fine print: no windows. Needless to say, I’m having a hard time fitting this apartment into my idealized vision of downtown living, especially when you consider that this particular building is dark and damp to begin with.

Now, if you’re willing to overlook the fact that unit lacks natural light and fresh air, then there are some perks to living here: Air conditioning, basic cable and electricity are included in the rent. Plus, the building has a heated pool, whirlpool, security and a lobby restaurant (the tasty Hukilau). The only other downer? Parking is not included, and last time I checked, monthly rates were running in the $200-plus range, bringing the rent to about $1,500. But, hey, it’s still a bargain, right?

Contact: David Ng, Ohana Realty, 351-1888.