For Goodness Sake

Behind every good man is a great woman. And behind every great woman is a big secret.

Take flawless, doll-like geisha. Sure, they had many tricks up their sleeves, but it wasn’t until a savvy soul discovered that old-time Japanese sake makers had baby-soft, young-looking skin on their hands and arms that geisha began bathing in sake to keep their own skin silky smooth and lily-white.

Now you can add a little geisha beauty to your life (after all, you’ve already got the book and the rings ) with Aqua Dessa’s Sake Bath Soak. Unlike other sake soaks made with diluted sake and chemical fillers, this concentrated cocktail is made with 80 percent real sake, and its blend of rice oil, vitamins, grapefruit seed and rosemary extracts is 99.75 percent natural.

Though you can’t drink it, the sake aroma will make your head swim while the elixir gets your body drunk, muscles relaxed, dead cells sloughed off and turns your skin soft and glowy. And since it’s so concentrated, each bottle lasts three times longer than other soaks.

(Which is more than we can say for many good men).

Available online at Aqua Dessa , and at The Place , Ward Warehouse next to Le Lotus Bleu, 808.593.7522.