Footsie Roll

ImageBlack Pump: Thanks for attending today’s feeting of Lei’s closet. Sole call.


Reptile-print stiletto: Strappy to be here!

Black Pump: Athletic. Are you still fighting over who will speak for your group?

Jogging Shoes: It’ll work out eventually.

Black Pump: Fine. Business?

Spectator Heel: I’m just here to observe.

Black Pump: As usual. Peep toes, stop hiding back there with the sneakers! Casual chic? (pause)

Casual chic?

Platforms: Not to sound high and mighty, but I saw her slipper out the back.

Black Pump: Again? I’m tired of these cheap brands that break after one outing or keep flip flopping on fashion issues.

As foot of this wardrobe, I’ve decided to fill the void with a newcomer – Letarte Sole.

ImageThe cute collection of beachy sandals, wedges, and slippers is the latest creation by swimsuit superstars and Maui sisters Lisa Cabrinha and Michelle Letarte Ross. The line makes its debut at Letarte's signature store this week.

You’ll welcome the kid suede sandal with leopard detail and sexy wrap-around straps, pony hair slides with kicky woven stacked heels, or turquoise-and-brown beaded wedges, all that effortlessly go from the shore to supper.

Don’t be fooled by the bohemian appearance. Underneath those colorful glass, shell, enamel, and metal adornments their soles are pure – pure Italian leather.

So we know these stylish additions will stick around.

Ballet Flats: They'll definitely keep us on our toes.

Black Pump: Don't worry, we'll have a ball.

Letarte Sole’s prices start at $119 and are available at Letarte’s flagship store, 24 Baldwin Ave., Paia, Maui. Watch for the looks to be available online soon, or call 808.579.6022 to order.