Flower In Power

Crown yourself in DIY flower glory with tips from Passion Roots

It’s a stand-up paddle instead of a golden scepter for you, and you opt for a vintage tee instead of ermine robes—but you’re still a Queen Bee. As Lorde would say, “Baby, I’ll rule.” And for that you need a crown.

No Island princess would be caught dead with a cold hunk of metal on her head, which is why we turned to floral design studio Passion Roots for something a little more fresh. Make your own courtly coronet or hairpiece with these instructions using local and wild floral finds for a merry monarch look that’s totally majestic.

We like to call it “the royal lush.”


Foraging tips

This is Hawaii, people! There are gorgeous ferns, blossoms and foliage all over. Try hiking trails, green areas, parks, your own backyard and even sides of the road.

  • Respect private property
  • Don’t over-pick—give plants a chance to grow back
  • Cut flowers in the morning when it’s cooler, so they will last longer
  • Strip excess leaves and immediately put stems into water for 4 to 6 hours to rehydrate
  • Look for flowers with a variety of textures and a tendency to cascade


How to make a headpiece

  1. Tape a stemmed flower to a 2-inch strip of wire. Leave 1 inch of the wire untaped. This is your first flower piece.
  2. Tape this flower piece to a long piece of wire, the base. Pull the tape tight as you wind it around.
  3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 with more flower pieces, letting the blooms cascade.
  4. Fill in any open spaces with blossoms by attaching them to the base with smaller wires.
  5. After you get your desired length, wrap the end of the headpiece with floral tape and add floral glue to the end.
  6. Finish it off with a final bloom or cluster of blooms with short stems at the end of the piece. (It will hide the edges, like our purple flower did.)
  7. Bend, shape as you desire, fasten with hairpins and assume your royal bearing.

Visit the Passion Roots website to see more floral design or to book an event.

Photo credit: Pinky Photography