Fine Feathered Spends

Lei ChicThe day you’ve feared since Brenda and Kelly went to the spring dance has arrived.

The amazing LBD you wore to that ultra-chic party turned out to be LB-3. The hostess is strutting her stuff in it with those Michael Kors sandals you drooled over. The emcee is sporting it with a twisted necklace that's so striking, you’ve considered cashing in your nest egg. You? You haven’t said a peep, feeling cagey in your scuffed Nine Wests.

What you need is a one-of-a-kind look that you can get for a song.

Enter the new feathered earrings by She’s Crafty. The fledgling line by local retail sales representative Chloe Brown and makeup artist Almond Joyce just debuted last month at Therapy Boutique, and is already flying off the shelves.

Roommates Brown and Joyce started making the jewelry for themselves, but were soon filling orders from friends for their striking feather, natural stone, and sterling silver pairs. Think shoulder-dusting black-and-white pheasant feathers Lei Chicpaired with jade and bronze/green guinea. Or delicate brown-spotted plumage, paired with rose quartz dangling from twisted sterling silver wires shaped into a hoop.

The duo also offers ear threads for dangles without those bothersome backings. Rings and ear cuffs will be coming out in the next few weeks.

Because the collection is so new, each piece is truly unique. And She’s Crafty earrings are reasonably priced for less than $35.

So it’s easy for your friends of a feather to rock together, without parroting each other.

We’re down with that.

She’s Crafty is sold exclusively at Therapy Boutique in Kahala Mall. Call 808.732.7222.