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Fifty Years/ Seven Minutes

March 2013

HONOLULU commemorated the 50th anniversary of the Merrie Monarch Festival by speaking with people instrumental in putting the hula competition together.

Photo: Olivier Koning

What a wonderful article capturing the essence of hula and The Merrie Monarch Hula Festival from all aspects from technical to teaching from judging to dancing. My eyes kept welling up with joyous tears, as hula is such a passion of mine, and I look forward to another year.

—Carol Whilldin West, Hilo, Hawaii via Facebook


Editor’s Page: Bans and Morality

April 2013

Editor A. Kam Napier mused on marijuana legalization, and the larger tension between morality and the law.

There should never be a discrepancy between the law and morality. The law should reflect the dignity of all people and protect them from harm. What you have posed as a conflict is a conflict between law and social conventions.

—Arthur Dobrin, Hofstra University, Westbury, New York via Facebook


Afterthoughts: A Burning Love

March 2013

Managing editor Michael Keany wrote on the issue of cane fires being lit by Hawaiian Commercial and Sugar Co. on Maui, concluding, “I’m for ‘em.”

Illustration: Daniel Fishel

You are not alone in the love for and need of the cane-field burning on Maui. I have had a home in Makawao for over 35 years and access to it is up Haleakala Highway passing Haliimaile turnoff and Pukalani. Every time I drive this route, I am grateful to see the waving green fields of sugar cane. If the cane fires come briefly every 15 or so months, so be it. It is worth it. If we didn’t have the cane fields, it would be a veritable dust bowl in the valley of Maui. I only hope HC&S can find a way to stay in the business of raising cane. I have hopes for the biotechnology to use the cane for fuel. I received my notice from HC&S notifying of the burning season coming up. I welcome it!

—Joyce Oka, Makawao, Hawaii


( Ahana ko–ko– lele )

In our February Best Dentists listings, dentists Philip Tom and Russell Tasaka should have been categorized under General Dentistry.

The March Editor’s page should have stated that design director Erik Ries was born in California and raised in Oregon, and that he is one of the founders of the Hawaii Association of Media Arts.