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photos: Olivier koning

Ilikai Five-0” 
February 2014

On the occasion of the Ilikai’s 50th anniversary, writer A. Kam Napier took a look back at the creation and the golden age of the famed Waikiki hotel.

Loved reading this article. I spent many wonderful evenings and early mornings at the Hong Kong Junk and Pier 1 with the Fabulous Echoes (Society of Seven). I am the widow of Danny Ruivivar, original member and drummer for the group. Often, I would fly in from the Mainland when they performed. Danny and I were in the flirting stages back then. Our dates would be after the shows for breakfast at Pier 1, along with the other Echoes and many, many local entertainers of that era, who would pau their own late shows all along Waikiki and gather at Pier 1. The Echoes stayed in apartments in the Ilikai while they performed at the HKJ. I had never seen such beautiful apartments or a more lovely property. Many years later, after Danny died, I was assistant casting director for two years on Jack Lord’s Hawaii Five-0, so, as you can see, the Ilikai holds a very special place in this ol’ heart of mine. What wonderful times! What wonderful memories! Mahalo so much for bringing those memories to the surface after all these years!
—Bonnie Ruivivar | Seal Beach, Calif.


Photo: Dana Paresa

Why I Left Hawaii” 
February  2014

Hawaii-born-and-raised illustrator Dana Paresa explained why she decided to move to Portland, Ore. Among her reasons: “How can you have true criticism when everybody knows everybody?”

Dana, I totally hear you on all of this. I am one of those people who likes everybody. But I’ll tell you a secret—I don’t like everybody. I just do my best to see the good in everybody because there is good in everybody. The people I don’t like, I don’t say anything about at all. I also hear you on the who-you-know factor, but the harsh truth is that is part of developing a career as an artist. Even creative people have to understand and learn how to network and build their business. It sucks so bad, but it’s what’s real. It’s been awesome following along with your Portland life. Everything you put out just gets better and better.
—Christa Wittmier | Honolulu, Hawaii (via Facebook)


Awesome essay. I have one of your pieces at The Pig and the Lady! But what you are doing is the current trend of creative, in that they can be anywhere. As a digital worker, you can decide to stay in Hawaii. But it’s good to gain perspective and get off “the Rock” (spoken in Sean Connery accent). And it is really tough to be a curator in Hawaii. Criticism goes hand in hand with art, and that culture needs to be cultivated in Hawaii. No shame!
—Anderson Le | Honolulu, Hawaii (via Facebook)


( Ahana koko lele )

In our February Best Dentists listings, we incorrectly listed the address for pediatric dentists David Sumikawa, Mark Sumikawa and Bert Sumikawa of Pediatric Dental Group. The correct address is 1221 Kapiolani Blvd., Suite 1048, Honolulu, HI 96814.