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“Get Ready” 
October 2013

Photo: David Croxford

Senior editor David Thompson catalogues a few of the worst case scenarios that might befall Honolulu, including hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis and nuclear attacks.

Congratulations on your discussion of nine doomsday scenarios for Honolulu. This is an issue we have had several classes and discussions about at UH, and your items will be helpful in future discussions. However, I was very concerned to see you don’t take seriously the likelihood of container ships not bringing food to Hawai‘i. In my view, that is something at least as likely as any of the other issues you raise. I believe you do a disservice to Honolulu’s preparedness by not treating it as seriously as you did the other factors.

—Jim Dator
Director of the Hawaii Research, Center for Futures Studies, UH Manoa


“Field Notes: God Wants You to Be a Millionaire” 
September 2013

Senior editor David Thompson attends a Wednesday-night service at Word of Life Christian Center, and records highlights from throughout the evening’s program.

Photo: Diane Lee

Not sure if whoever wrote these Field Notes was a Christian or not,  but it doesn’t matter, because what they wrote were pure observations and very true. I’m a Christian and belong to a Bible-based-believing church. The one, true Word of God, not someone else giving their opinion on life and how to get rich, how it worked for them, etc. etc. It’s just sad that what you wrote here from start to end really happened. And continues to happen and grow within Christianity in America—it’s all totally perverse. Anyway, interesting article; there wasn’t any commentary mixed in, which allowed me to feel safe enough to share my thoughts.

—Daniel Boethin
Los Angeles, California

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