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HONOLULU Magazine: Banned in Texas Prisons

Our favorite letter this month comes from the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, Correctional Institutions Division. It’s a form letter reading as follows:

The above listed publication [HONOLULU 04/13] has been reviewed and denied in accordance with Board Policy-03.91 Uniform Offender Correspondence Rules for the reason(s) checked below.


[x] Publication contains sexually explicit images

The offending photo? A grainy black-and-white shot of a topless dancer from our April “From Our Files” department, originally published in a 1966 issue of the magazine. Texas, we’re not sorry.


"Grading the Public Schools"

May 2013

Once again, HONOLULU Magazine ranked the performance of more than 250 local public schools, using data from the state Department of Education.

When 40 percent of the students in a class get below average grades, and 10 percent of them fail, it doesn’t mean those students can’t learn enough to pass the exams. It means the teacher isn’t doing his/her job educating them. Why aren’t the governor, the state School Board, the Department of Education and the HSTA in an uproar?

They should all be hanging their collective heads in shame for allowing that many schools to have sub-standard grades. Is anyone willing to take the blame for this? More importantly, is anyone doing something about it?

—Wim Blees • Mililani, Hawaii


"Field Notes: deOccupy Honolulu"

April 2013

Every month, senior editor David Thompson explores Honolulu’s varied scenes and subcultures. In April, he checked out the deOccupy encampment on Beretania Street.

I’ve been a big supporter of the movement since it started and have spent much time there. It was really refreshing to read something by someone who actually spent some time there. By the way, the encampment was forced to the King Street side of the park when the City closed the entire Beretania Street sidewalk for “repairs” which aren’t happening at a lightning pace and are now stretching into the second month. I wonder if all those people who complained about sidewalk access are happy now?

—H. Doug Matsuoka • Honolulu, Hawaii (via Facebook)



(Ahana koko lele)

In our May “Grading the Public Schools” chart, Pearl City Highlands Elementary and Aliiolani Elementary should both have been listed as having met their Adequate Yearly Progress goals under the No Child Left Behind Act.