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“History Remixed,” September 2012

We interviewed Amy Burvall, a teacher at Le Jardin Academy who teaches history via YouTube videos that spoof popular songs by artists such as Lady Gaga and the Eurythmics.

I teach high-school history in Georgia and use Ms. Burvall, et. al.’s videos frequently. Occasionally I need to build context for the songs they don’t know, which is another great opportunity for a history lesson; showing the video for “I’ll Tumble for You” before [14th Century emperor of Mali] Mansa Musa was so much fun! I am always most excited to show the French Revolution video, truly the height of genius. The team does a great job with the production and the history is good. I anxiously await Marie Antoinette.

—Jeremey Fulk
Fulton County, GA.
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As a teacher, I use Ms. Burvall’s videos all the time—the students love them, and learn from them. It’s great!

—Becky McCollum
Waynesburg, PA.
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“Field Guide: Hana Hou,” September 2012

Associate editor Tiffany Hill rounded up some of the best venues at which to catch live Hawaiian music, including several in Waikiki.

I received my September issue of HONOLULU and for the very first time I found myself questioning whether or not this magazine was meant for just “locals.” I take exception to Tiffany Hill’s statement, “You may have to rub elbows with tourists, but it’s worth it.” I am a tourist; however, throughout many visits to Oahu over a period of many years, I have been proud to be referred to as auntie, Hawaiian at heart, ohana and kamaaina. And while I am busy being a “tourist” and listening to local music, I am also “hangin’ loose” and “talking story” with locals as well as other tourists. Oh, and did I mention that my car’s license plate, that I have to pay a yearly fee for, reads “my 808 heart?” Now I read that to “rub elbows” with me (the tourist) is not particularly a pleasant thing to have to do? This not only saddens me to see in print, but I also have to contemplate where much of the industry would be without “the tourist.” When I visit your Island, I resent being seen as something to be avoided.

—Nancy Green
Calabasas, Calif.

“Where to Buy Now,” September 2012

Writer Melissa Chang wrote about three up-and-coming Oahu neighborhoods that might give homebuyers more bang for their buck.

I dream of the day when Pacific Palisades will be rediscovered and restored, if it ever happens. The human scale of the neighborhood is so elegant, even if the houses are mostly in distress. My hope is that Pacific Palisades will revive as some similar neighborhoods in Los Angeles and San Diego have. My fear is that these little Eichler-like gems will be scrapped in favor of more of what Kapolei is becoming: south Orange County west.

—Turk Fontaine
San Diego, Calif.
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Ahana koko lele

In our October Q&A with Kirk Caldwell, we mistakenly quoted him as saying the City and County had collected $9 million in excise taxes since 2007. The correct amount is $900 million.