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“Holy Hot Spots,” August 2012

Writer Maria Kanai explored the weird new world of worship, which includes churches located in arcades, strip malls and movie theaters.

Sounds like it’s veering off the path of purpose here. Distracting children in order to coerce them into worship practices seems like a futile and uneducated effort. Some of the options (i.e., New Hope Church) seem relevant, however. Also, it seems like most of these venues are far more focused on self-promotion, which makes me highly skeptical about the collective mind-set they plan to indoctrinate these families with.

—Sommer Fazio
Honolulu, Hawaii
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“Double Chop! Kikaida at 40,” July 2012

Hawaii’s favorite superhero turned 40 in July. Writer Dave Choo took a look back at what made the Japanese series such a success.

When I was growing up in Hawaii, I used to watch this show, I loved it, I had the bed set, all three mags, a red shirt, and a hat. I knew exactly what this was, Kikaida, great show, very well done for its time. I don’t care if it’s 40, I’ll still watch the show just like it was back in my hanabana days, when I was just a kid. Thank you for this show, thank you very much. 🙂

—William Thorp
Augusta, Maine
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Instagramming Cheap Eats

In August, we asked readers to shoot dishes under $15 at restaurants around town and upload the pics to Instagram. Browse an interactive map of all the photos at, and keep an eye out for more Instagram contests. Here are a few of our favorite shots so far:





1. Beet salad at Whole Ox, $3
2. Turkey cranberry on wheat ciabatta and tofu-ginger-wasabi half-salad at Fresh Café, $11
3. French toast at Longhi’s, $12
4. Hamburger steak at Chibo, $8.95