Father’s Day gifts for the big man in your life

Pop Up

Drive a car without hitting a lamppost.
Paint your walls so they don’t look like a fingerpaint project
Bait a fishing line so you actually catch something.

There are a lot of things you wouldn’t know how to do without dear ol’ dad. (Which one is the Phillips screwdriver, again?) For Father’s Day, show this hero of the household how much you care by flexing the one skill you have that leaves him in the dust: Shopping.

And maybe after, he can unclog your disposal.

1. For the Dad who likes to stay buttoned up
Roberta Oaks navigation shirt, $110 at robertaoaks.com.

2. For the Dad who always watches out
Rosewood and dark sandalwood watch, $395 at Martin and MacArthur, 591-1949.

3. For the Dad who wishes he were king of the castle
One square foot of pasture on the grounds of a real Scottish Castle and thus the title of Lairdship, about $65 at scottishlaird.com.

4. For the Dad who loves to grill you
City Boy portable grill, $229 at finnishdesignshop.us.

5. For the Dad who tops them all
Aloha print mustard baseball cap, $17.95 at Island Slipper, Royal Hawaiian Center, 923-2222.

6. For the Dad who likes to make a clean sweep
Wild & Wolf gentleman’s manicure set, $37, and Olivina bar soap, $17, at Magnolia, Kahala Mall, 734-2200.

7. For the Dad who’s trying to quit
Chocolate cigars, $8.40 at See’s Candies, Ala Moana Center, 943-1960.

8. For the Dad who carries you
Everlane reverse denim weekender, $95 at everlane.com.

9. For the Dad who can read between the lines
Old Man Drinks, $14.95, Barnes and Noble, Ala Moana Center, 949-7307.