Fashionably Late

You went to see the late movie, or your pau hana drinks went way long, or you stayed late at the office to finish that project. But it’s 11 p.m. and you want to eat – and not at Zippy’s. You’re Shokudo-ed out. And one more plate of Sorabol kal bi is one too many.

It’s time to try the late night menu at Aria Restaurant and Lounge, newly opened in the former home of The Bistro at Century Center.

Sink into one of the lounge’s reproduction Le Corbusier chairs as the player piano autotinkles and the faux fireplace lends an www.leichic.comaprès-ski feel to the dark, woody room. Yes, this is a hangout for grownups.

Snack on salmon tartare, a refreshing hockey puck frosted with a layer of crème fraiche and a dollop of American caviar, or an individual meatloaf swaddled in bacon with mashed potatoes and French green beans. Or, there’s the portobello mushroom Wellington, and a burger served on a baguette. It’s haute comfort food for sure – but with comfort prices ($10.50 and $13.95 respectively).

Until the word gets out, the lounge can be your own private karaoke room. The songbook has great ‘80s chestnuts – from the P Furs’ “Love My Way” to “London Calling” by the Clash. Order a drink from the lovely Sophia, put another dollar bill in the machine, and sing with your supper.

The kitchen’s open ‘til 12:30 – and might have you pushing back your dinner hour on purpose.

Aria Restaurant and Lounge, Century Center, 1750 Kalakaua Ave., third floor, 808.955.9300