Fashion Influencer Emma Wo’s Collection of Engagement Rings is Beautiful, Brilliant and Budget-Friendly

Bling it on.
emma wo
Emma Wo
Photos: courtesy of emma wo. lauryn gordines’ hair and makeup: joanna lee


From winning Miss Hawai‘i Teen USA and Miss Hawai‘i USA to running a fashion blog—which led to her being highlighted on—and a social media business, Emma Wo’s life is as enviable as her fab-meets-fun style. Now the 29-year-old Punahou alum is slipping into the jewelry ring with her own label, Emalia Jewelry.


Why design jewelry?

Earlier this year, my now-fiancé and I were planning to take the next step in our relationship and I was having trouble finding a ring that checked every box on my list: beautiful, unique, ethically made and at the right price point. We’re in the process of renovating, we’re both self-employed and love to travel, so spending a fortune on a ring didn’t seem like the right choice. So, I created the first Emalia ring.



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Did you know anything about the jewelry business?

My grandfather owned a jewelry store and when I was little, I used to try on my grandma’s collection of jade and pearls. So, maybe it’s in me? But I did educate myself a lot on the different diamond and gemstone options and make sure the jewelry I offer is ethically produced and of high quality.


Someone using my small business for the biggest decision of their lives is rewarding, but I’m also fearful.


Were there any “what am I doing” moments?

Definitely. The thought of someone using my small business for the biggest decision of their lives is rewarding, but I’m also fearful. How do I make it unique and not cookie cutter? Which styles will customers want? What if my style isn’t their style? It was a lot. engagement ring hawaii

Wo’s Emalia moissanite engagement ring


What pieces do you currently offer?

We have a variety of statement and engagement rings that can be made with your choice of center stone including moissanite and other gemstones. The bands are made of 14K white, yellow and rose gold, and [I can order] platinum.


How are you able to keep costs down?

I chose to include moissanite as an option for brides looking for an amazing value. The rare, naturally occurring mineral was discovered by Nobel Prize-winning chemist Henri Moissan at the site of a massive meteorite strike in Arizona. Now created in a lab, it’s one of the world’s most brilliant gemstones. Our moissanite options start at just above $1,000.


Does it shine bright like a diamond?

Cue Rihanna. It gives off more fire than a diamond with a refractive index of 2.65 to 2.69 (a diamond’s refractive index is 2.417).

  emma wo

Rainbow earrings, bracelet and ring.


Are you looking to expand in the future? 

Yes. I just launched our ready-to-wear collection featuring 14K gold vermeil jewelry. Our new Rainbow ring, bracelet and earrings are top sellers. I know some people want a diamond—hopefully in the near future I can offer lab-made and mined options. But, right now, it’s just me running everything so I’m taking the time to develop the style and quality of each piece and educate people that spending what you can on a ring can still be a beautiful investment.


Jewelry prices start at $585. 


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