Face Time


You’ve tried at-home facials. You spent $90 on beauty counter products and several hours carefully timing the scrub, mask and rinse steps. It saved you money, but cost you results.

To really bring the spa experience home, call Tracy Puliti, an esthetician and former model who makes house calls. She specializes in facials and arrives at your place ready to set up a complete mini-spa. No rearranging meetings, leaving work early or sacrificing precious weekend beach time to squeeze in a facial – she’s available evenings during the week.

Puliti’s menu is a tightly edited list of facials that range from a massage-intensive detoxifying and calming treatment, to anti-aging and sun damage repair facials. There’s a men’s facial too, for your hubby or boyfriend.

And, since the spa is now on your schedule, you can time your relaxation session for when you actually need it – at the end of the day, before you head to bed.

Yes, you should try this at home.

Treatments by Tracy in-home facials by Tracy Puliti, tracypuliti@yahoo.com or 808.772.1839.