Express reflexology sessions at Moana Lani Boutique

Rest Foot Forward

Lei Chic

You and your feet aren't exactly on speaking terms. You're really more on screaming terms.

As in your feet tend to scream at you when squeezed into sky-high, circulation-squeezing stilettos for hours on end. Which, naturally, happens pretty darn often.

Bottom line: you're not in the healthiest of relationships and, well, you probably need to see a therapist…

Introducing Moana Lani Boutique, an express spa-slash-retail hybrid with licensed massage therapists and/or aestheticians from Moana Lani Spa ready to pamper you and your aching feet, now open at Moana Surfrider in Waikiki.

Say you just spent an entire day pounding the pavement. Or a few hours enjoying afternoon tea on the Veranda. Either way, you'll want to pop in here for some quality "we" time. Just check in at the counter and have a seat in one of the boutique's sleep-inducing zero-gravity chairs while smooth jazz plays overhead.

Lei Chic

Once you've tucked yourself into a cozy Kashwere blanket, the chair tilts you back and vibrates steadily while a therapist sprays your feet with a cooling antimicrobial mist of tea tree oil, witch hazel and peppermint.

Then, the healing begins. If you're short on time, opt for "relaxology," a.k.a. the ultimate foot rub with gentle pulls and twists to ease tension and increase circulation. For more intense work, ask for reflexology, a longer session of concentrated pressure on targeted zones of the feet (which is also believed to restore balance to different organs in the body). A quick wrap with a hot oshibori, or steaming towel, and you'll definitely feel a renewed spring in your step.

Before you leave, peruse the retail area for Malie Organics skincare, Dayna Decker's intoxicating moisturizers, diffusers and candles, Kashwere robes, even crystal-studded slippers by Girl Two Doors Down.

Your tootsies love an apology gift.

Moana Lani Boutique is open from 8 a.m-8 p.m. daily at Moana Surfrider, 2365 Kalakaua Ave., Tower Wing, Lobby Level. Relaxology: $30 for 15 minutes, $50 for 25 minutes. Reflexology: $55 for 25 minutes, $120 for 55 minutes. Walk-ins welcome. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call (808) 237-2536 or click here.