Exclusive: Duane “Dog the Bounty Hunter” Chapman Wants to Become a Lawmaker and Talks About His Friendship with Joan Rivers

Photo: Diane Lee

Duane “Dog the Bounty Hunter” and Beth Chapman are on the road filming the second season of their latest reality TV show Dog and Beth: On the Hunt. After traveling to Alabama, New Mexico, Tennessee, Louisiana, Kansas, Nebraska and Colorado, they recently returned home to Honolulu. This week, the couple met 12-year-old Maria Yasmin Canales, who was granted a wish to meet her hero. Afterwards, we caught up with Dog to find out what he’s been up to since his 61st birthday bash. Dog revealed he is considering a run for political office and shared a memory of his friend Joan Rivers after her recent death.


What have you been up to since we last talked?

We have been filming the second season—we just wrapped it: 16 shows. We’ve been going across the United States using our expertise in how to capture, talk to the guy. It’s been really good.

Last month, you announced you were on the hunt for mixed martial arts fighter War Machine?

He went to court yesterday. They extradited him from California to Vegas. And they put a no-bond hold with 20-some years and charged him with [32 felony] counts. And he is looking at life without parole. Good.

I said, “I may not capture this guy, but I am going to bring more attention to him than any fugitive in America.” And all of a sudden, it went viral. Everywhere I went, people said, “Good luck, Dog,” “Get that guy, Dog.” I know we were instrumental in the apprehension.

Who are you after next?

We don’t know yet.

You’ve been nominated for the Ice Bucket Challenge? Are you going to do it?

We’ve been nominated by at least 50 people. Maybe not. The best thing I could do would be to donate a little cash.

Did you hear the news that Joan Rivers passed away? Did you know her?

Somebody called me and told me Joan Rivers just passed. I met her on a special. We were on a show together. And she goes, “Now listen, take it easy on me.” And I go, “Don’t worry, I won’t talk behind your back, I’ll stand right in front of you.” And so, she kidded with me on TV. She hugged me and said, “I really love what you do.” I was amazed. I said, “I’m married, but you are a very beautiful woman. Every part of you is beautiful.” She said, “That is so nice.” She was a gorgeous lady. And she got my email address. Once in a while, she tweeted me. Joan made it to heaven easily.

Do you follow politics in Hawaii?

Yes, I wish I was in it, now that I get older. My grandpa, a Native American, used to say, “Vote for the guy with the most money because he don’t need none to steal from you.” I’d like to get into politics. I’m not at all prejudiced. I’m very loving. I am very akamai. I know what I’m doing.

Judge Duke Aiona is a good guy, but he is still from the regime of [Linda] Lingle. Great guy, love him, trust him. Knowledge? Age? Don’t have. Ige? Love him. Dealt with him. Very intelligent. Very to the point. Doesn’t give a damn about whose feelings he hurts, yet has feelings. Mufi, good old boy. Love Mufi, too. Age? Experience? Don’t have.

Are you going to run for office?

I would like to. I am at the age where I can make decisions to help everyone and hurt no one.

Would you have to give up your show?

With 11 years, you could only do so much. The kids would continue the show with or without Beth. Leland is coming up strong. Cecily, baby Lisa. They could be bounty hunting.

What office would you run for?

I think, a lawmaker first. I want to be where, if the decision is made due to the peoples’ choice.

What’s next?

I’m going to create a new law about bail recovery this coming [legislative] session. On the Mainland, you can’t be on bond with a meth charge and be a bounty hunter.

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