Espresso Yourself

Coffee is still the best part of waking up, but it isn’t just for breakfast anymore. You’ve found ways to have your java all day long with tote bags, wake-me-up body scrubs, and even a beer inspired by your favorite drink.

What you haven’t found is a way to catch a buzz, and still rest easy – sipping after dinnertime keeps you awake all night.

Say goodnight to evening coffee jitters with an after-supper sip of Kona Gold coffee liqueur. It’s distilled from 100 percent Kona coffee, and has a richer, truer coffee flavor than other liqueurs like Kahlua, Tia Maria or the Starbucks version. That’s because there are no other flavors (like vanilla or chocolate) added to the liqueur – the Kona coffee has such a pure taste, it can stand on its own without extra additives.

Kona Gold’s been around for years, but has always been practically impossible to find except in a few gourmet stores and at a couple bars and restaurants. But it’s been popping up in some new places lately, making it easier to perk up your cocktails.

It’s a perfect ending to the daily grind.

Try Kona Gold at the bar at Don Ho’s at Aloha Tower, and at Aiea Bowl. It’s also available at Island Gourmet Markets in Waikoloa, Big Island. Get more info at