Erotic sweets by Padovani's Chocolates

Sponsored Edition: Sexual Chocolate

Padovani's Chocolates

Quick, take a look around. Are you alone?

Good. Because today's topic might get you written up… as the best bachelorette party thrower EVER. Which will happen as soon as you obtain the finest handcrafted European-style penis chocolates you'll ever put in your mouth (yeah, we went there).

For a perfectly sweet way to really spice up a party, Padovani's Chocolates has come up with sexy edible offerings that taste way better than underwear – think chocolates that follow the voluptuous curves of Venus de Milo, or perky breasts filled with creamy hazelnut praline.

Craving something even more salacious? Opt for Kama Sutra chocolates that showcase a slew of mind-boggling positions, all of which require close examination (several editors may or may not have argued over the physical possibility of one particular scene…).

Padovani's Chocolates

Sadly, this isn't something we can describe, or even show, without raising a few eyebrows – it's best to see them all yourself here. But let's just say the anatomically correct confections made of fine luscious chocolate will have your heart and tastebuds racing.

Especially the ones that are four inches long.

In case size really does matter.

Erotic chocolates, $12-$36, available at Padovani's Chocolates, The Shops at Dole Cannery, 650 Iwilei Rd., Suite 280. For more information, call (808) 536 4567 or click here (reader discretion advised).