Erie Paper’s Charming, Travel-Inspired Stationery

See Hawai‘i through the eyes of a traveling creative.
Erie Paper
Photos: Courtesy of Erie Paper



wo tickets, please. We’re packing our bags for a tropical vacay destination and looking forward to a fun and festive, sun-drenched summer experience.


Erie Paper

The best part about these plans? No planes required. You’ll get a real trip out of our new stationery discovery, a brand by local interior designer Leah Crowe, who gathers her inspiration from travel. Crowe launched Erie Paper at the end of last year as a passion project, a way to channel the creative inspiration she was getting on overload. As someone with a penchant for visiting new cities, Crowe finds that sketching and drawing help her experience these places in her own special, artistic way—and paper-goods-lovers like us get to reap all the benefits.


In the case of Hawai‘i, that means a whimsical, Island look, of which we couldn’t help but take note. Crowe’s chipper “aloha” greeting cards (a staple in any local stationery brand’s lineup) get a signature dose of personality with chunky, brush-style strokes and palm-patterned letters that mix modern and tropical trends. Tiled hula dancers also make a colorful appearance, as do Hawaiian flora and fruit, such as stylized pineapples, birds-of-paradise and fronds. What’s really capturing our hearts, though, is Crowe’s ode to the Pink Palace, a charming card sporting a painting of the unmistakable, blush-colored, retro Royal Hawaiian Hotel. Framed by coconut trees and surrounded by lush greenery, it’s the cutest way to send a little aloha to pen pals abroad.


Erie Paper


Travel plans? You bet we’ve got some.


$4, Erie Paper Etsy shop.